How Recovery Redefines Trust

I was always told that I was too trusting. I trusted people very easily and got into extremely chaotic and unnecessary situations because of it. A lot of it leaving me 50% of the problem. One of those things was a marriage! Go figure.

Trust for the addict is not really trust when you think about it. It is inhibition. You don’t care. You don’t care enough about you to even trust yourself with one drink or one hit. What makes you think that all that stuff you were doing with other people was “trusting”?




Pronouns: they/them/their + Email: + URL: + IG: @jude_catapano_art

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Jude Catapano

Jude Catapano

Pronouns: they/them/their + Email: + URL: + IG: @jude_catapano_art

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