How You Stand Up for Yourself at Work

These are the best notes I can give on the matter. And I am giving them while I struggle with my own ability to stand up for myself.

You see, the abusive gentleman who called the police on my daughter also happens to work for my boss. My boss is not understanding the abuse nor the implications of continuing to use him as our IT person. I told him I refused to communicate with this person. He told me to suck it up, essentially.

I understand the old school way of thinking. Your boss tells you something, you do it. You need the job. But…




Pronouns: they/them/their + Email: + URL: + IG: @jude_catapano_art

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Jude Catapano

Jude Catapano

Pronouns: they/them/their + Email: + URL: + IG: @jude_catapano_art

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