The Mohawk Woman

I found out more on my Ancestry journey than I had expected. I already told the tales of Swedish colonists in Finland and Scottish teenagers just trying to survive the birth of their son.

Now I want to talk about The Mohawk Woman.

Somewhere in my family line, there is a woman that is “affectionately” known in the records as The Mohawk Woman. She also happens to be my 12th great grandmother. She was born around 1600 to the Mohawk Turtle Clan in upstate New York. This was a shock enough, as I had no idea that I had any family that originated in the United States during…




Pronouns: they/them/their + Email: + URL: + IG: @jude_catapano_art

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Jude Catapano

Jude Catapano

Pronouns: they/them/their + Email: + URL: + IG: @jude_catapano_art

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